Safety First

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip, we have carried out risk assessments and mitigated the risks involved in visiting remote locations in the mountains. Evacuation plans have been established from all locations to the nearest hospital/police station, your guide is first aid trained and carries a comprehensive medical kit, and our communications equipment enables a call for assistance to be made from anywhere, at all times.
We also provide accident insurance cover for all members of the tour at no extra cost. Please note, however, that this insurance does not replace your own, normal travel insurance.


All vehicles on tour, plus any individuals who may temporarily leave the group, are provided with GPS trackers and powerful VHF radios. Clients’ locations can be viewed on the go or from our HQ office. Tour guides also have CB for communication with clients in their own vehicles. We are therefore able to ensure perfect communications throughout the whole group at all times.
Occasionally, some vehicles in the group may become delayed for various reasons, but we could quickly establish whether assistance is needed and act to minimise the time required for them to regroup, thus ensuring a relaxed tour for all participants.


With a fleet of quality Mercedes and Land Rover 4x4s at our disposal, all well kitted out with winch and recovery equipment, and rigorously maintained and serviced ensuring the utmost reliability, you can expect a problem free tour.


Depending on your tour selection and requirements, accommodation could include: pure wild camping miles away from civilisation; camping with facilities such as cooking areas, showers and toilets; rustic log cabins in the mountains; or 4 star accommodation with all the creature comforts you would expect anywhere.


We have combined my own 18 years’ experience off-roading with Land Rovers (including 7 years in the British Army and 10 years roaming the Romanian wilderness) with the intrinsic knowledge of our local Romanian guides and partners. You can be sure that this integration of experience and expertise will maximise your Transylvanian adventure.

Free Wifi

We offer free wifi on any point of our tours.


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Personal Equipment

The terrain, climate and diverse activities available here in Transylvania mean you need to travel with a wide range of clothing and equipment.  For example, in May you could find yourself swimming in a warm lake and sunbathing on its shores one day; then taking a trip above 2000m altitude the following day, where you will be up to your knees in snow.

To that end we recommend the following list as a minimum for any trip to Romania:Travel Clothing

  • Shorts and t-shirt
  • Sturdy trousers (hiking/combats)
  • Light shoes or sandals
  • Sturdy shoes or light walking boots
  • Hat (for sun shading)
  • Hat (for cold)
  • Fleece
  • Water proof jacket/shell



  • Sun creamTravel Equipment
  • Insect repellent
  • Insect bite relief cream/gel
  • Anti histamine tablets
  • Mobile phone (emergency calls are available without roaming)
  • Extra phone battery or power bank
  • Download for your android or iPhone and download the Romanian offline map
  • Paper map of Romania



If you find that you left something behind or are caught short with unexpected circumstances, we would like to recommend ProAlpin for all your personal outdoor equipment needs. With high quality products from Norway, ProAlpin provides excellent equipment for all seasons.


Vehicle Documentation

Before you even set out on your trip, make sure you have your vehicle documents in order.  Random police stops in Romania (and across Europe) are common and so long as you have your documents in order, uneventful.  The insurance green card is no longer compulsory in Europe but always handy to carry to aid a smooth road side stop.

When you cross into Romania you will need to but a “Rovigneta” (Road Tax), you can buy 7 days, 1 Month and 3 Months.  The cost is minimal (around £5 for 1 month) for a 4×4 and make sure you tell them your vehicle is “Autoturism” as they will chance their luck charging you for a larger vehicle category.  The penalty is up £70 if caught without paying it.Heritage Logo

We recommend getting your insurance from Heritage Classic Car insurance to ensure the best level of cover for your modified 4×4.


Vehicle Equipment

If you are coming to Romania in your own 4X4, it is equally important to equip your vehicle appropriately.  The roads are very bumpy between small villages, and of course you will be driving offroad, so you may want to bring a box of spare parts, especially if you are driving a vehicle that is not so common in Romania. Suzuki, Dacia and Hyundai parts are generally readily available in Romania, but parts for any premium brand or model 4x4s  may take up to a week to order.

Our offroad tours are mainly on tracks due to restrictions of driving on private land and protected areas, but there is plenty of challenging terrain where you can enjoy the capabilities of your vehicle. We are not operating a “Winch Challenge” course (although we can give you heavy challenges if you desire); therefore it is possible, with careful driving, to complete a full 7 day tour without any damage to your vehicle other than very light scratches from pushing though thin tree branches in the forest.

However, it is recommended that you have the following basic offroad accessories:

    • Steering Guard
    • Diff Guard
    • All terrain or mud terrain tyres

Tyre and Guard

  • Spare Air Filter
  • Spare Fuel Filter

As a point of reference, all tour tracks have been completed by the modified Land Rover Defender and Discovery shown below.  It is possible for you to come in a lesser prepared vehicle such as a vehicle with all terrain tyres or no winch, as we will always have a well prepared vehicle on tour to ensure you can get through any difficult patches.

4x4 Offroad

Vehicle Repair

Our partner, LR International SRL can supply many Land Rover Defender and Discovery 1 parts new and second hand, but it can take up to a week to get some less common parts shipped to Romania if they cannot be sourced in country.

We have the garage and tools of LR International at our disposal if you would like to do DIY repairs or maintenance on your vehicle.  The facilities are simple but with all the basics you need such as shelter, electricity and lighting, a pit, basic power tools, trolley jacks, compressor and small arc welder .Garage Targu

Should you need expert assistance, we have an arrangement with a private mechanic’s workshop in the nearest town to our HQ (Targu Secuiesc), where they will allow you to jump any queue of tasks in order to get your vehicle back on the road ASAP.

Logo Ad GarageIf you have problems with a more modern vehicle, such a Discovery 4 or similar, we can arrange for it to be repaired in an Insurance Approved garage at various locations.  We can also take your car to a Main Dealer should you wish such as the Land Rover dealer in Brasov.

adg-resadgarage2 reslr-res


LRI_Logo hi res

As LR International SRL ( is our parent company, we have at our disposal their full ability to perform rescue tasks anywhere in Romania (and beyond its borders should it be required).

LRI Rescue has a capability similar to the Romanian Mountain Rescue (Salvrescue kitamont), with volunteer First Aiders, Medics, Nurses and Doctors available to deploy at a moment’s notice with the well equipped Land Rover Rescue/Ambulance vehicles.

LRI Rescue is a partner with Red Cross Romania and takes part in many emergency training exercises, where all of the rescue services such as SMURD, SalvamontISU Brasov and State Ambulance Service come together to practise disaster response in remote areas.

LRI Rescue can receive a call out alarm either from one of its partners/Romanian emergency services or directly by phone, GPS tracker or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

All tours are equipped with satellite phones, tracking devices and a PLB but LR International SRL does offer hire of these devices to give you that peace of mind when walking or driving in the wilderness without us.

History of the Language

Romanian is spoken by about 23 million people in Romania, as well as by Romanians who have settled all over the world.  Like Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, Romanian is a Romance Language – that is, it derives primarily from Latin.

The beginnings of Romanian go back to the years 105-106 A.D. when the Roman Empire under Emperor Trajan conquered Dacia, north of the river Danube near the Black Sea.  The Romans ruled over Dacia until 276 A.D. and brought with them a more advanced culture, different customs and their language, Vulgar Latin (spoken, rather than literary Latin) which quickly replaced the local language.  The shores of the Black Sea became a place of exile for those whom Rome considered undesirable.  Indeed, the poet Ovid wrote some of his most famous poems while living there.

As the Roman Empire began to crumble, the Romans withdrew from Dacia, leaving behind them a population that was entirely romanised.  Some soldiers had families and chose to stay and Dacia became a Latin enclave in Slavic surroundings.  As a result of this isolation, Romanian retained a structure similar to Latin and did not develop in the same way as French, Italian and other Romance languages.

The newly formed Romanian language struggled to remain Latin in a Slavic world.  Although about one fifth of its vocabulary was borrowed from elsewhere, including chelner (waiter) from German, chibrit (a match) from Turkish, hipodrom (racecourse) from Greek and paprika (pepper) from Hungarian, most of the pronunciations, vocabulary and grammar of modern Romanian derives from Latin.  Even the name Romania reflects the influence of the Romans.

If you know Italian or Portuguese you will probably find that the Romanian sounds like a combination of those languages, with some Slavic Vocabulary.  The resistance to Slavic interference was so strong that often the Slavic word coexisted with the Latin one, rather than replacing it: country border, for example, may be translated either by frontier (from Latin), or by granite (from a Slavic root).

Language Card

Useful words and phrases:

English Romanian Hungarian
Hello Buna Hello
Do you speak English? Vorbiti Engleza? Beszel Angolul?
Good Morning Buna Dimineata Jo Reggelt
Good Day Buna Ziua Jo Napot
Good Evening Buna Seara Jo estet
Good Night Noapte Buna Jo Ejszakat
How are you? Ce faci? Hogy van?
Fine thank you Bine multumesc Jol, Koszonom
Please Va Rog Kerem
Thank you Multumesc KOszonom
Help Ajutor Segitseg
Car Masina Auto
Broken Stricat Elromlott
Repair Reparat Javitani
Wheel Roata Kerek
Tyre Cauciuc Gumi
Brakes Frana Fek
Clutch Ambreiaj Kuplung
Windscreen Parbriz Szelvedo
Engine Motor Motor
Gearbox Cutie De Viteze Kapcsoloszekreny
Steering Directie Direkcio
Lights Lumini Vilagitas
Welding Sudat Hegesztes
Food Mancare Etel
Beef Vita Marha
Pork Porc Sertes
Chicken Pui Csirke
Water Apa Viz
Wine Vin Bor
Beer Bere Sor
Juice Nectar Udito
Rice Orez Rizs
Potatoes Cartofi Krumpli
Pasta Paste Teszta
Tickets Bilete Jegyek
Bus Autobuz Autobusz
Cable Car Telecabina Felvono
Castle Castel Kastely
Shop Magazin Uzlet
Today Azi Ma
Tomorrow Maine Holnap
Yesterday Ieri Tegnap
Now Acum Most
Later Mai Tarziu Kesobb
How much does it cost? Cat Costa? Mennyibe Kerul?
1  Unu  Egy
2  Doi  Ketto
3  Trei  Harom
4  Patru  Negy
5  Cinci  Ot
6  Sase  Hat
7  Sapte  Het
8  Opt  Nyolc
9  Noua  Kilenc
10  Zece  Tiz