With a rescue team managed and operated by an ex-British Army soldier, whose experience includes working in some of the world’s most hostile environments, Transylvania Offroad, in conjunction with LRI Rescue, offers a rescue and recovery service that complements state and other emergency services in Romania. We participate in regular training exercises with agencies such as Salvamont (National Mountain Rescue Association), SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication), and various County ISUs (Inspectorates for Emergency Situations) to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of rescue service provision.

Utilising the latest GPS tracking and satellite beacon technology, we are able to equip you with the essentials needed for exploring the wilderness, so you can rest assured that if you were in trouble, we would find you and be at the forefront of coordinating your rescue.

Call us for help at any time and we would do our best to assist you, or subscribe for the duration of your stay in Romania to have us on 24-hour standby.

transylvania offroad tours – lri rescue service

LR International (LRI) in cooperation with Transylvania Offroad offer a lifesaving service to enable rescue services to respond more quickly and accurately should you have an accident in the wilderness. Let us take the worry away from you and your family while exploring the wilderness of Transylvania!

Rescue Basic: 8 Euro Per day + 100 Euro Returnable Deposit*


  • GSM Tracker with SOS buttontracker
  • Constant Listening watch by LRI Operations

Have peace of mind that we know where you are at all times. Should you be injured and unable to call for help, as soon as you have passed your check in time, we will know where you are and initiate a rescue.

Should you find yourself in an area with no cell phone reception, we will be able to see your path and where you were last moving before losing signal in order to greatly narrow down the search area enabling you to be rescued quickly, possibly hours sooner than without a GSM tracker.

Rescue Plus: 10 Euro Per Day + 150 Euro Returnable Deposit*radio

  • GSM Tracker with SOS button
  • VHF Radio (click link for more details)
  • Constant Listening watch by LRI Operations

With the added aid of a compact VHF hand held radio, you will be able to communicate directly to the LRI Operations room from many areas throughout the day but the radio comes into its own if rescue teams are searching for you and you will be able to communicate with them on their approach. This greatly widens the catchment area if you are being searched for outside of a cell phone signal area.

Rescue Elite: 15 Euro Per Day + 200 Euro returnable Deposit*plb

With a PLB supplied, you can get your SOS message out from anywhere in the world with an open view to the sky. This device sends its SOS signal via satellite which is then relayed via RAF Rescue in the UK to the LRI Operations room who will deploy its rescue assets as well as alert state rescue agencies to your location and need of assistance.

*1 – Full Deposit retained should any of issued equipment be lost or damaged beyond reasonable next use.

*2 – 50% of deposit retained should PLB be activated.

*3 – Full deposit retained should a rescue be deployed as per conditions of customer agreement.

Note. LR International is not an official medical or rescue service although it has the capability and will deploy with qualified and well equipped rescue personnel to your SOS call. The primary role of LR International Rescue Service is to receive an SOS call and ensure that State run official Rescue Services such as SMURD and Salvamont are deployed in the quickest possible time including coordinating further communication between the casualty, State Rescue Services and any friends or relatives who are listed in the customer agreement.