vhf radio


LRI maintains a VHF Radio Network to enable its customers to have the best possible communication tools to aid you should the worst happen, enabling communications in places your mobile phone won’t work.

We issue a lightweight compact (just 21cm tall (including antenna) and weighing less than 300g) yet powerful hand held radio that enables communication over many kilometres depending on the terrain that must be communicated over.

With a radio station based near Victoria which is monitored both locally and remotely by LRI Ops, a large area of the mountains and valleys is covered. Should a rescue be deployed, the channel of the VHF radio issued to you is shared with the State Rescue Services with instructions to call you as they are searching.

This increases the catchment area when searching dramatically and when done from a helicopter, there is almost no location that they will not be able to reach you at.

use case scenario

Imagine you have subscribed to Rescue Plus and have fallen in a remote valley with no cell phone signal or VHF link to LRI Ops, you are conscious but incapacitated and unable to raise the alarm. You are unable to send a call for help with your own mobile phone, our GSM Tracking device and no one answers you on the radio.

When you miss your scheduled check in, LRI Ops begins to try and find you. First they check the positon of your tracker, they see it did not report for a while but shows the direction you were traveling before it lost signal. This narrows down your position to a much smaller area. LRI Ops then tries to call your mobile, it’s out of service, then calls you on the VHF radio, no answer.

Now, depending on your prearranged customer agreement, LRI Ops can send a rescue vehicle out to high ground near where you were last seen and begin to call you on the VHF radio. You hear the call, and reply, explaining your problem, give a description of your position and the LRI team either carry out the rescue or coordinate the State Rescue Services to save you.

Imagine that you went out without LR Internationals Rescue Plus service? How long would it take before you are missed at your B+B, or your relatives start to be concerned and call the police, trying to explain that their relative somewhere in the Carpathian mountains has not checked in that night?

This is just one of infinite possibilities that depend on the situation and your instructions in the customer agreement.